Come Walk In Beauty
Step into the True Essence of Your Being
What is an Energy Attunement?

Within each of us is a seed of remembrance about our divine nature and our higher purpose. As we became emeshed in all the ways of the world, this truth about ourselves became suppressed or forgotten.

During an Energy Attunement Session, I assist you by connecting with the Christ Light within...with Light Beings who come in Love and Light...the God Source...All That Is. I would describe an Energy Attunement as a:

"Light" Vibration Balancing

The Christ Light is available to all humanity and is the bridge that reconnects or helps us to remember our true essence, enabling us to fully express that essence in our everyday physical lives.

When we allow the Christ Light to radiate through our heart and body, harmony and balance are achieved. Through this experience the body can come into balance with Self, Spirit, Mother Earth, and All that is.

Awaken your Personal Healing Vibration

We are all born with the gift of healing. By having the desire to connect with the healing vibration of light, wholeness in body, mind, and spirit can be achieved. Simply having the desire indicates that your Higher Self recognizes that healing is an innate gift and is gently nudging you to flip that turn on your light!

Come into Harmony with the Vibration of Light

  • Embrace the God source of Light
  • Create balance by transforming blocked energies in both your energy and physical bodies
  • Release limiting beliefs that are preventing you from creating the life you really want to live
  • Heal past and current issues
  • Attract people and events that resonate with your heart
  • Open you mind and heart to enlightenment within
  • Recognize and honor the Christ Light within yourself and others
  • Become a conscious conduit of healing light and love, making it available to other people and Mother Earth as well
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Energy Attunement Sessions with Connie Larue
Location: Gold Canyon, AZ
(driving directions will be provided upon scheduling)
Cost: $40.00
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Please have
Connie Larue
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to schedule an
Energy Attunement
Session Now!
The Experience

Energy Attunement Sessions are held in a private, quiet, and
sacred space where only you and I are physically present.
Sessions are approximately one hour long, during which time you can lie fully clothed on a massage table, free to drift off into your own meditative state,
a gentle sleep, or just lie fully relaxed listening to beautiful
background music while I assist you in your energy balancing.

I begin by inviting your guides, angels, and all the beings of love
and light to assist us.
I quiet myself and open myself to be guided on how to direct the healing energy from my hands to just slightly above your body,
or with your permission, by gently laying my hands where
I am being guided to on your body.
If I receive a message for you, I will share it with you.

Attunements work on your subtle energy levels,
therefore its effects may either be felt immediately
or in the hours or days to follow.
During the attunement, you may experience seeing colors,
or feeling sensations of heat or cold or tingling in the body, and/or
feeling at peace, having a sense of wellness and clear thinking.
It is also not uncommon to feel the presence of your guides and angels, and in some instances, departed loved ones.

My intent is to serve and support you during
the attunement process by honoring spirit
and the light that you truly are.
I would be honored and thankful to join you
in your journey of restoring balance
harmony, health, peace and joy.
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