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carol huttonFriday, 12/30/11, 7:29 PM
I am learing all I can, to be a help to others
How did you find us?  irishindian1972
wOLFWIND YOUNG CARTERMonday, 12/19/11, 12:45 AM
How did you find us?  SURFING THE INTERNET
AnnaTuesday, 12/13/11, 5:54 PM
From:New Zealand
How did you find us?  youtube green guerillas
Nail Ramy Mohsen SalamaMonday, 12/12/11, 3:45 AM
Good to see people like you on the surface of this planet. Always wanted to see a chief indian. Love and Greetings, Modern Day Jesus
From:Munic Germany
Web Site:
How did you find us?  youtube
lattetaSaturday, 12/3/11, 11:18 AM
I have been listening for the place where my next move will be. For a month, Arizona resonated with me. But where?? Sedona felt great with energy vortexs. Tempe, further south for extended educational experiences in music recording. The four corners: Utah,Arizona, Colorado and Mexico with regards to mountain ranges/safer places to relocate (global warming/polar ice melts). Then on 11/01/11, a call came in at 1:11. I do love 11:11 digital read-out. It just feels great. If Arizona is to be my new home, I hope to visit with you all. It feels so full of love and light here. I'd love to share my flute playing with you as well. Blessings, latteta
From:world citizen
Web Site: latteta
How did you find us?  youtube
Pamela HasleyThursday, 12/1/11, 11:24 AM
Hi there! I talked to Connie this morning and she is sending me info. Am very grateful, and so look forward to our evolving transformation in 2012. Aloha, Pamela :)
From:Los Angeles, CA - now Big Island
Dustin E. NispelSaturday, 11/26/11, 2:55 PM
I found you through 11:11. The work you are doing here gives me hope and inspires. Its hard to keep going sometimes when you become deserted by those whom have fundamental belief structures that omitt truth from from their people. It is good to know that half a continent away, the awareness and awakening is growing. Thank you for all that you have done thus far for mankind and the great spirit- Dustin E. Nispel
From:York, Pennsylvania
Web Site: Dustinnispel and the primary cell
How did you find us?  11:11 Light
Charlie Dedmon IIISaturday, 11/26/11, 12:12 PM
#Manna on Mirc port 6667
From:Davidson County North Carolina
Web Site:
How did you find us?  someone in my chatroom recomended you.
patricia benderSaturday, 11/26/11, 5:34 AM
connie, i thank you and your helpers for the gifts of the 9 rites of munay ki i would like to know if there is an opportunity to get any of the forms that you said we would be able to use in our cities and our groups patricia bender
Web Site:
How did you find us?  i was trained by you at the stargatheringin illonios
Sherry RheaumeThursday, 11/24/11, 5:54 AM
I listened to a you tube video with Joe Plum the Bard who talk about the ancient legend, and the myth becomeing memory. I added that to my faforites. It is so beautiful and I came here looking for a written version of that, because it is a great piece that I would like to have. I have to do a reading for a final in one of my classes, and I would like to read this piece because I think it will touch others the way it has touched me. I hope yopu can help me. This is a great site.
Web Site: Sherry
How did you find us?  You Tube
Carolyn PambrunTuesday, 11/22/11, 8:52 AM
May Creator bless us all.
From:Edmonton Alberta
Web Site: facebook
How did you find us?  youtube
MelindaTuesday, 11/22/11, 7:41 AM
How did you find us?  facebook
Quiet HawkMonday, 11/21/11, 1:41 PM
How did you find us?  YOU TUBE
Doris HaleMonday, 11/21/11, 11:02 AM
From:the Creator
How did you find us?  Star Nation's article/shaman
Phil BlankMonday, 11/21/11, 9:18 AM
Web Site: Threads of Intention
How did you find us?  a miracle
Delia White Dove PayneFriday, 11/18/11, 3:48 PM
I have moved to Philadelphia as of this date and was not able to attend the 11.11.11 conference; however, I was in prayer and meditation with all the energies on earth raising their vibrations. My friend, Basmin Red Deer shared with me her experience and it was almost like I was there. Thank you for bringing light to our area, and I pray to experience it in the flesh soon. Mitaquye Oyasin <3
From:St. Louis, Missouri
How did you find us?  A Friend
AnitaFriday, 11/18/11, 1:15 PM
How did you find us?  Youtube video a friend posted on Face Book
Bruce CunninghamThursday, 11/17/11, 11:49 PM
Hi Connie&Michael. I attended the Conference last week was life changing event for sure! I knew nothing about any of it....and I surly don't know enough yet? I can't say enough on how awesome the people there were! I hope to attend any in the future. I think one in the Spring would be Awesome!!! Thanks, Bruce
From:Ft. Wayne, In.
How did you find us?  Freddy Silva's Website led me to yours
MariThursday, 11/17/11, 6:17 PM
From:West Coast USA
How did you find us?  searching for 11-11-11 serpent mound info
mahlaSunday, 11/13/11, 9:24 PM
I was curious, and I am interested to learn alittle more.. thanks
From:kelso wa.
Web Site: mahladahn
How did you find us?  a friend,,
LindaSunday, 11/13/11, 10:42 AM
Let us all walk in peace,love, beauty and light!
From:Cranberry Twp, PA
How did you find us?  web site
junie villamejorSaturday, 11/12/11, 6:40 PM
From:manila philippines
How did you find us?  youtube galactic federation
BevSaturday, 11/12/11, 5:14 PM
How did you find us?  "guided" internet search
Renee GreenwoodSaturday, 11/12/11, 9:57 AM
From:United States
How did you find us?  internet
InnaSaturday, 11/12/11, 7:53 AM
Hello, writes NEFEDOVSKAYA INNA K. - scientist, academician, director of Long-Term Development in the education system of the International Academy of front Problems. EV Zolotova.Ya who put technology in human development, opening up inherent in it from birth dormant, the brilliant abilities. I conduct training and seminars in Russia and in other countries, resulting in increased light in people's body, as increased energy potential. The results of the last workshop can be found here: 1111/11030615.õòìë I wanted to ask if there is an opportunity to have your own workshop? We're doing one common cause - give people the opportunity to find his destiny, to become initiated into the knowledge, experience, capabilities, implementing this simple technology - are different. Would be glad to cooperate with you! I can only work through an interpreter. Waiting for an answer and I wish you all the best and prosperity!
Web Site: Biolazer
How did you find us?  Russia
MandyFriday, 11/11/11, 7:42 PM
How did you find us?  internet search
MandyFriday, 11/11/11, 7:40 PM
How did you find us?  internet search
RolandaFriday, 11/11/11, 12:28 PM
How did you find us?  youtube
JoyceFriday, 11/11/11, 9:50 AM
From:The Universe
How did you find us?  google
Aimee Lenore Whitten McDonaldFriday, 11/11/11, 7:23 AM
I am supposed to be with you my brother. The still small voice in my soul told me about Cahokia. The 11's have spoken to me for many years. 11 has shown me alot about this plane of existance. Epiphany's reached at 11:11 are numerous. I am not able to be there in the flesh, but my spirit flies to you now and is going to be riding the waves of learning and beauty with yours. I have watched all of your videos and researched and learned. I am a very introverted person when it comes to my beliefs. I am struggling with finding like minded people to talk to and learn with. I have been shown symbols and pictures as well. May I send them to you?
How did you find us?  I was lead to you Standing Elk
Ericka StoutFriday, 11/11/11, 5:04 AM
I am excited to be part of the Gathering. I myself am desendant from Chief Standing Bear of the Ponica Tribe of Nebraska. Most of our family is in Oklahoma now or so I have heard. Through out our family we have heard stories of or Great-G-G-G grandfather but never knew what tribe or what his name was. All we knew was that he was a Chief and that he did not like the White Man. One of our family members did some investigation and found that Indeed Chief Standing Bear was our direct Descendant and thus the story goes....There was white man named Gideon who took for a wife the Chiefs daughter, because her father hated the white man she was declaired Dead to the tribe. In history writings it is written that Cheif Standing Bear indeed had a daughter but was dead. I am proud to be who I am and hold my whole family in great respect. I have had dreams of Cheif Standing Bear and till this day..I do not understand the Ponica Language. Again! I am excited to be here and can't wait to see everyone at the Gathering! Ericka
Web Site: Violet Love Access
How did you find us?  I am a Vendor in collinsville,IL
Elaine AldousWednesday, 11/9/11, 10:09 PM
Thanking you as well as all others for the beautiful work, sending love and light with high vibration to the earth and the universe. Our brothers and sisters, star nations and the earth spirts, all things living. Sending love and light Elaine
From:Lacey, Washington
How did you find us?  youtube 11 11 11
Paul BeckerWednesday, 11/9/11, 7:06 PM
From:Tulsa ok.
How did you find us?  internet
kristen upsonWednesday, 11/9/11, 4:04 PM
From:just moved to missouri from california. us
Web Site: just a facebook
How did you find us?   u tube
akiwaWednesday, 11/9/11, 10:24 AM
Love to you all, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Sisters and Brothers:)My body is here in Ecuador but my Heart is One with your Heart, now and always. 11/11/11 we will hold the whole world in our Heart:)The trail of tears is now the trail of Joy:)more and more:) :)
From:San Diego, CA
How did you find us?
RockyWednesday, 11/9/11, 7:53 AM
I wish I could attend the Star Knowledge Gathering on 11/11/2011. I just learned of Chief Golden Light Eagle's invite on Facebook. I wish I could be there, but will be filming this weekend. You have a beautiful website. Thank you for being here :)
From:Cincinnati Ohio
Web Site: Ghost Walk Productions
How did you find us?  invite to 11/11/11 Star Knowledge Gathering
SashaTuesday, 11/8/11, 6:42 PM
I would love to know more about your gathering. It is to late for me to be there in person but if are having any web links or particular meditation times that I can join you at remotely over the 11- 13/11/11 I would love to connect. alternatively if you would just like to send me some links to more of your spiritual sharings I would receive them with a warm smile. Love and light 🐛
How did you find us?  A friend posted your utube link on her FB page
Granny RallsTuesday, 11/8/11, 11:20 AM
I'd like to know more about 11.11.11 Please send me more information :-) Like Directions! lol! :-)
From:Plano, IL
How did you find us?  You Tube Facebook post
Mary OppmanMonday, 11/7/11, 4:01 PM
From:Dunedin, florid
How did you find us?  you tube
Elise MaheshMonday, 11/7/11, 9:05 AM
My birthday is November 11 and I wanted to learn more about this special date this year and its' significance. Chief Golden Light explained very well on youtube. I would love to go to Collinsville, IL but just learned of the conference right now. I hope you will have streaming videos from the event. With love, Elise
From:Dallas, TX
Web Site: Kangen4GlobalWater
How did you find us?  internet searching for meaning of 11.11.11
AdrienneMonday, 11/7/11, 6:57 AM
How did you find us?  facebook
Katy O'LearySunday, 11/6/11, 10:16 AM
I am moved by you gathering and am going to try to make it there. In Lake'ch/I Am Another Yourself
How did you find us?  on the internet
sandra leeSunday, 11/6/11, 7:33 AM
Please email me when you have any events in the Tn. area!!!
How did you find us?  friend
Sherri DavisSaturday, 11/5/11, 5:01 PM
I love the words to describe your mission - I've never resonated with words as much as these. Although I am completely new to your site, thank you for all you give and do. I'd love to be in Arizona where I could connect with you in the physical! Much love and light to you!
From:North Beach, MD
How did you find us?  11.11.11 You Tube Video
brenda bowenSaturday, 11/5/11, 10:14 AM
face book video
From:aylmer, ontario, canada
Jaqi MudgeSaturday, 11/5/11, 3:22 AM
I am finding it difficult to be a normal person. Everything around me feels unimportant. I feel in limbo as if waiting. I keep 'vagueing out'. Feel restless yet peaceful. I can't really be bothered with much accept sitting in nature. I just want to be with animals, music and art. I feel full of love yet full of sadness at much I see in the world. I am over being here and just want to go home. Are there others who feel like this? what's going on?
How did you find us?  watching 11:11 stuff
JenneaneFriday, 11/4/11, 2:56 PM
I am seeking to find others like myself who understand the light and what it means. I believe if I am able to join with others who understand, then it will help me be able to spark the light in others who are still in the Dark or Neutral. I feel a new change of spritual enlightment coming but I am still concerned about the environment which is so delicate. I am keeping positive thoughts and I am finding comfort that I am not alone in my understandings. I find comfort watching the videos on YouTube that are Spiritual because I understand them. I live near San Francisco and I hope to find others here to meet with at some point. Thanks for reaching out to people like me.
How did you find us?  I looked under 11:11 on YouTube
evelynWednesday, 11/2/11, 5:59 PM
From:california/ guatemala
How did you find us?  don't remember
Alisa Rose SeidlitzTuesday, 11/1/11, 11:14 PM
THANK YOU! Much LOVE. BEAUTY is a Vital Nutrient.
How did you find us?  youtube
Leslie HowardTuesday, 11/1/11, 6:58 PM
The the gifts of grace announcement sent from Mary Martin. Wish I could attent the 11:11:11 event in person , but I will be there in the Ethers! Peace, love and light Leslie
From:Calgary, ab, Canada
Rita SchwietersMonday, 10/31/11, 9:56 AM
We are the change we are seeking. Mitakuye o'yasin.
Web Site: Rita Schwieters
How did you find us?  On facebook through a friend
Sherri PhillipsSunday, 10/30/11, 11:15 AM
Feel strong connection with Chief Golden Eagle's words of wisdom!
From:Yuma AZ
Web Site: A Smoochable Pooch
How did you find us?  Chief Golden Eagle You Tube
Lawrence R. GurleyFriday, 10/28/11, 1:31 PM
From:Nokomis, FL
Web Site: Lawrence Gurley
How did you find us?  searching the web for 11/11/11 gatherings
LightworkerFriday, 10/28/11, 12:49 PM
Its good to see this site. I am waiting for 11:11:11 Love and Peace!
How did you find us?  youtube
zeke hamblinThursday, 10/27/11, 12:01 AM
i'm glad to have found your website and hope to walk in beauty :)
From:southport, nc
Web Site: my facebook profile
How did you find us?  youtube browsing
Jeanne BakerWednesday, 10/26/11, 1:14 PM
Hope I can be at the Gathering on 11 11 11. Peace.
Web Site: Jeanne Baker
How did you find us?  YouTube
carolyn tytor (whiteshawl)Monday, 10/24/11, 6:49 AM
i love this site, and the information if freely offers to others.. as the Hopi elders say" We are the ones we've been waiting for" blessings to you dear aries brother Joshua and sister katrina will be at your special from the Rainbow Tribe....
From:ottawa,ontario (home kamloops )
How did you find us?  from facebook
MarilynFriday, 10/21/11, 2:57 PM
I would love to be there but I live to far away. Blessings, Peace, Love and Light to you all. Namaste
How did you find us?  facebook
Karin MedallTuesday, 10/18/11, 8:44 PM
Thank You* Hope to see you 11*11*11 With love' Karin
From:From here.
How did you find us?  Friend
RichardTuesday, 10/18/11, 1:27 PM
From:Jefferson City, MO
How did you find us?  Facebook
DIANA HEARTWEAVINGSSunday, 10/16/11, 10:21 PM
Thank you for being beautiful! I LOVE your teachings. Respect & honor to you, Diana <3
How did you find us?  vis Facebook
DianeThursday, 10/13/11, 4:04 PM
From:Florida/ Missouri
How did you find us?  e-mail
Yvonne NievesThursday, 10/13/11, 3:51 PM
I look forward to attending the 11-11-11 celebration at Cahokia.
From:Chicago, IL
How did you find us?  Starknowledge TV
Starr CrossMonday, 10/10/11, 10:34 PM
From:Iquitos, peru
Web Site: Abundancia Ecolodge
How did you find us?  Divine Guidance
RosalindSunday, 10/9/11, 2:22 PM
Wish I lived closer
How did you find us?  ascention network
Randy MonkSaturday, 10/8/11, 11:11 AM
I would love to be at the 11-11-11 event but I'll be at another event in Arkansas. Bummer. I am very interested in what you are doing and would like to be informed about events. Much love, Randy
From:Peoria, IL
Web Site: Timely Guidance
How did you find us?  Barbara Wolf
:Bobby-DeWayneWednesday, 10/5/11, 12:52 PM
Much Love to you all,for we are all one & I Love you. your Brother. Namaste.
How did you find us?  you tube
Mary Ann WeedenMonday, 10/3/11, 11:35 AM
I am most honored to pray with you for Mother Earth and all humanity.
How did you find us?  a friend - Itasha Foster
Randall Lee Grass HopperFriday, 9/23/11, 9:46 PM
Greetings my brothers and sisters of light love and ascension, I have been on rainbow road of life and have arrived here comfortably redeemed peace filled being having learned the worth of this star-knowledge, reki symbols since I was in college anthropology I pray for the healing, I AM hanging on healed light worker, I will Be in Illinois around November 22 -December 1. Is there any one who will be around after the 11-11-11 who will want to eat and rejoice with me and my family in Batavia IL, west of Chicago?
From:Santa Cruz, CA and Batavia, IL
How did you find us?  Community Colledge Anthropology Lakota
CathyFriday, 9/23/11, 6:28 AM
Hi Connie, Hope you are well. We met at Sunny's when Quinn Elizabeth facilitated a Drum Journey. I've been attending all kinds of sound healing events ever since. Hope to be in AZ end of this year or possibly eary 2012 and will check your web-site to see what's going on. Stay Well, Cathy
From:Langhorne, PA
How did you find us?  Met @ Sunlight Alliance
missmagikalMonday, 9/5/11, 11:12 AM
Thankyou Brothers and Sistars for all you do from my high heart to yours you will find me at your service. (:**:)❤ ¸¸.¿*¨*¿♪♫¿*¨*¿.¸¸❤
From:London uk
Web Site: missmagikal
How did you find us?  youtube and divine spirit
AnitaSunday, 9/4/11, 9:24 AM
I wish I would be able to attend on 11/11/11. I probably like many are seeing changes in self and in the world. As I cannot attend, know I hope the gathering will be a great one and my thoughts will be directed towards this greater understanding where I am. May we all receive the grace from this time to better all.
From:New York
Web Site: Anita Belcher
How did you find us?  Youtube Video
Marcella TenantyThursday, 9/1/11, 6:12 PM
How did you find us?  Eagle
Laurie DouglasWednesday, 8/24/11, 11:23 AM
I love Chief Golden Light Eagle's teachings. Can you please tell me how to order his books. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information. As I practice the teachings I can feel myself becoming more connected to Mother Earth and I am living a happier life. I am so grateful...Laurie Douglas
From:Redondo Beach, California
How did you find us?  Star-KnowledgeTV
Kristofer SchellTuesday, 8/23/11, 10:07 AM
From:Denton Tx
Web Site: you tube chanel
How did you find us?  searching for the truth and inner peace.
NancySaturday, 8/20/11, 12:42 PM
From:Boulder Creek, Ca
How did you find us?  my beautiful friend David K
SandyTuesday, 8/16/11, 7:21 PM
Web Site: Sandy Jorgensen
How did you find us?  a friend
LeonoraFriday, 8/12/11, 2:30 PM
I was just browsing the conscious media network,and came across your website,decided to check it out because I'm looking for answer's,about spirituality
How did you find us?  conscious media network-links
Terri-Ann JohnnieFriday, 8/12/11, 11:28 AM
spread love :)
From:Fort Saint James B.C Canada
Web Site: youtube
How did you find us?  on youtube
Michael LusherThursday, 8/11/11, 3:25 AM
True Essence of your being resonates with me in the sense of the consciousness I seek in my life. So often disturbed by irrelevant noise. In fact the only sanity I see in my life is the knowledge of my true essence, all else is dross and does not comfort or stimulate. Thanks Mike
How did you find us?  Conscious Media Network
charles engleTuesday, 8/9/11, 3:28 PM
From:st louis,MO
How did you find us?   ad in www.spirit magazine
Amber LafreniereSaturday, 8/6/11, 6:24 PM
From:Victoria BC Canada
How did you find us?  Conscious Media Network
rabbitSunday, 7/31/11, 6:18 PM
good gathering wave,should make for good surfing
From:black mountain,nc and all around
How did you find us?  scouting ,friends reference
sandi daltonFriday, 7/29/11, 7:40 PM
Web Site: sandi
How did you find us?  facebook
O Yu Yu YoThursday, 7/28/11, 8:56 PM
I am working on building a web site and will have music to offer the spirit. Thank you for the gift of your being! Yu Yo
How did you find us?  Chief Red Elk
sue matthewwThursday, 7/28/11, 10:41 AM
thank you for your website (sharing insights) i would love to join you 11-11-11. love siouxzq
From:central oregon
How did you find us?  facebook post- anthoni ji
Jack CollinsThursday, 7/28/11, 10:25 AM
Seek to heal this planet, and return to what is Natural and of this earth. Forgiveness & love.
Web Site: Jack Collins
How did you find us?  youtube
jenni PaulThursday, 7/28/11, 5:35 AM
My birthday is 11:11.I am interested in your gathering.Please put me on your mailing list,namaste,jenni paul 516 569 5023
Web Site: stonewater studio designs
How did you find us?  facebook
Julie NeuThursday, 7/14/11, 11:17 AM
Planning on coming and bring some friends. This is a beautiful site. Julie
From:Iron Ridge, Wisconsin
How did you find us?  Judy and Peter Dix
MaryTuesday, 7/5/11, 2:08 PM
How did you find us?  a friend
Paula (Aryelle)Tuesday, 7/5/11, 8:22 AM
I've just got back from attending the Prophets Conference in Glastonbury in the UK and met some of the most enlightened and amazing souls there along with Freddy Silva with whom shared some wonderful insights. From this came the knowledge about your 11.11.11 gathering in Illinois and I felt so drawn to attending it from my soul that I signed up the day after I got back to Ireland from the UK. I have no idea how to get there but I know I'll be guided as I am - all-ways! I am truly delighted to be going over to be in the energies of all these wonderful elders and enlightened souls. May all your days be Blessed with an abundance of all your soul's desires. Heartfelt Love......... Paula in Ireland
From:Wicklow, Ireland
How did you find us?  Freddy Silva
Edith BrakkeFriday, 7/1/11, 4:04 PM
I so needed this today. Been having a hard time with everything. Yakoke and Many Blessings, Edith
From:Fort Wrorth,
Web Site: don't have one
How did you find us?  Chief GreyEagle
MuriahThursday, 6/30/11, 1:09 PM
With the birth of Lightning Medicine Cloud I feel the rebirthing energy very powerfully. Thank you for all that you do. I am truly inspired!
How did you find us?  friend attending Cahokia 11-11-11
SandraSaturday, 6/11/11, 8:00 AM
As we are on this journey, it is wonderful to know that we are not alone. There are so many more who have become enlightened. Perhaps not all in the same way, nevertheless, truth is found by those who seek. In my journeys and studies, I have encountered many methods. I have not mastered them, I feel quite the novice. My heart is in the right place. I desire to know more about our Brothers, the Star People. I know they have been watching over me from my youth up. My tribal Firekeeper has talked of them and made many carvings. I want to know more. Aho.
How did you find us?  Chief Golden Eagle-you tube
Harvey Grey WolfSaturday, 6/11/11, 6:46 AM
Just passing through,leaving good feelings behind me...
From:Turtle Island,IN.
How did you find us?  Chief Golden Eagle
Shanna GreathouseWednesday, 6/1/11, 12:11 AM
This is AMAZing! the 11.11.11 thing was NOT just all in my head! Tickles to see it materialize...Maybe I can physically attend, but I am connected spiritually! Much Gratitude!
From:Earth, Western North America
Web Site: temporary
How did you find us?  Links through Center for Sacred Prayer

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