pam goodrichTuesday, 5/24/11, 6:25 AM
I love the description of your healing strengthening enlivening and inspiriting workshop and would be interested in attending at some time, thank you for your presence on earth.
From:burlington vermont
How did you find us?  through 13 grandmothers site
Theresa SheridanSunday, 5/22/11, 9:40 AM
Beautiful site. Thank you!
How did you find us?  Rev. Arlene
Shirley TateThursday, 5/5/11, 7:05 PM
From:Cary, IL
Web Site: therapeutic massage and bodywork
How did you find us?  connected friend
mel painterFriday, 4/29/11, 1:25 AM
Though the road is hard, Though steep, I can walk onward With happiness and ease If I have with me the staff Of true love to lean upon. -Meishu-sama
Web Site:
How did you find us?  seeing 11;11
Bambi WattsTuesday, 4/26/11, 7:57 PM
I love the info have been searching all my life :)
From:from CA live in Texas
How did you find us?  you tube
HeatherSaturday, 4/16/11, 10:37 AM
Thank you for the work you are doing.
From:S Carolina
How did you find us?  friend
Vixi JilSaturday, 4/16/11, 8:30 AM
I walk in beauty. I teach the Children, I am a storyteller, pipe carrier, and a faerie Godmother. I do what I am called here to do. What else can I do?
From:Asheville N.C
Web Site: sister silly goose
How did you find us?  Youtube
sarah scottWednesday, 4/13/11, 5:01 AM
From:london UK
How did you find us?  another site
Andy SnowTuesday, 4/12/11, 10:01 PM
Aloha nui
From:Portland, OR
How did you find us?  Grandma Aggie
Janet RawlinsonSaturday, 4/9/11, 9:48 PM
My partner and I are in Mexico presently ( April, 2011 ). I would love to attend the gathering of beautiful Spirits of Divine Love and Light on 11/11/2011. I shall be there in Spirit, if not in body. Thank you for holding the Light and Eye of Eternal Light the womb of Mother's Love. Most Blessed are We All One, Janet
How did you find us?  By chance of Holy Spirit
SheilaSaturday, 4/9/11, 7:58 AM
We are coming to a time of the greatest awakening that has happened in thousands of year where we will be reunited with our brothers and sisters of the universe. I am here to bring healing and hope back to those souls who have been so misunderstood and labeled with mental illness that do not exist. The great mother of all Mother Earth gifted women with the ability to bring forth life from within their dark wombs as she did when the first sign of life on this planet came from her salty womb. She has revealed to me the secretes of the womb and the mind which will bring a new understanding to the entire human race that we all are connected through our DNA and we have the memory of where we came from and how this all came about in our memory. For those of us who are here at this crucial time in the existence of human, animal and plant life, we must not worry about how things will all turn out for it is out of our hands now.
From:Cohasset, Massachusetts
Web Site: Postpartum Awareness
How did you find us?  Video Conscious Media Posted on facebook
MadalineFriday, 4/8/11, 8:48 AM
blessings, as we walk together, blessings, as we share one breath, collectively we are creating our new world, where love is expressed and known. In Lak' ech Madaline Freedom
Web Site: mayanmajix.omc
How did you find us?  a friend
Jack CollinsThursday, 4/7/11, 4:03 AM
I seek truth, beauty and to be a part of earth and a positive light. I need to be a part of 11.11.11. Please continue educating and helping me to evolve. thank you blessings&peace jack
From:North Carolina
Web Site: justjackcollins
How did you find us?  youtube
josephTuesday, 4/5/11, 5:38 PM
thank you for allowing me to read your site and for having the courage, forthrightness and faith to put up these words in a time of such comsuption and larceny
How did you find us?  friend
Lonnie M FrederickTuesday, 4/5/11, 11:58 AM
What a wonderful site! Love, Truth and Light
How did you find us?  invitation to 11:11:11
Susan M. LaFleurMonday, 4/4/11, 8:17 AM
From:Belleville, Michigan
How did you find us?  Youtube Chief Golden Light Eagle
Barbara WilkSunday, 4/3/11, 9:38 PM
From:Indian Wells,CA 92210
How did you find us?  Deborah Savitt7
Vicki LanderosSunday, 4/3/11, 1:27 PM
Thank you for this lovely site. I have recently awakened from my deep slumber and I agree that it is the time for spiritual awareness and Earth healing. Thank you again and I will refer to all my friends. In Peace Love and Light, Vicki
From:Nashville, Tn.
How did you find us?  youtube
GinaWednesday, 3/30/11, 1:11 PM
Beautiful are the "Star People"
From:Redwood City, Ca.
How did you find us?  FaceBook
griff milamTuesday, 3/29/11, 9:22 AM
in 1998 i lived in rahma new mexico.we drove to gallup for supplies.there was a billboard that read"walk in beutey,stay drug and alcohol free".today i say it often to my self.reminds me how good life can be being sober.
From:pinetop az,usa
Mary JacksonThursday, 3/17/11, 8:12 AM
How did you find us?  From a message from Grandmother Silver Star
Maria GuruleWednesday, 2/23/11, 2:47 PM
Loved your site,take a look at my site. I am revising the whole thing in the next couple of months. Looking to promoting my work and develop an event, perhaps there is something we can get our heads on. Namaste. Maria Gurule, Shaman, Author & Astrologer Office: 719-219-3776 Cell: 719-660-8245
From:Colorado Springs
Web Site: PachamamaOneWorld
Email: 1005 Modes St. $1, Cos, Co. 80904
How did you find us?  Mailing from 4-Corners
ReneeMonday, 2/21/11, 1:57 PM
Who will be leading the 11.11.11 event? Om Tat Sat Renee
Web Site: 3 Om Massage and Yoga therapy
How did you find us?  friend
carol crawfordSunday, 2/20/11, 10:25 PM
sounds exciting
Web Site: carol
How did you find us?  forwarded mail
Paula McBrideThursday, 2/17/11, 8:24 AM
Hello Connie: I think of you often. I attended your classes in 2009. Do you have anything planned for 2011?
From:Gold Canyon
How did you find us?  attended your classes in 2009
stephanie PhelpsThursday, 2/17/11, 1:38 AM
Enjoyed looking at your site. Thanks for all you both do. Hugs, Stephanie Phelpsd
Karen ODanielTuesday, 2/8/11, 7:16 AM
I was looking for the books EarthStar 11:11 and StarSpider 12:12.
From:Murray, KY
Paula DeJoshuaSaturday, 1/29/11, 10:45 PM
This is a lovely sharing, Connie - I enjoyed reading about you. :)
Theresa ELliottTuesday, 1/25/11, 10:25 AM
Greetings! Do you have any events yet for 2011? Thank You for what transpired then, and what will transpire in the future! In Love, Theresa
How did you find us?  link from facebook page
O Yu Yu YoFriday, 1/21/11, 8:31 AM
How did you find us?  Through Standing Elk's messages.
Bill BallardWednesday, 12/15/10, 8:59 AM
Hey Connie, Bill Ballard here. I met you at Serpent Mounds... just posted a link to your site for all to see, from my Facebook site. If you are on Facebook, that is my information hub these past years to get the word out. If you are on there, you can find me at Bill Ballard, Ocean Springs... add a note like Serpent Mounds and it will catch my attention. I set my permissions up so anyone can view, because I long ago passed the number allowed. I do have some spaces left I leave for others spreading the message who I do allow in. Thanks for all you do! Bill Ballard
From:Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Web Site: LED Bulbs Wholesale, LLC
How did you find us?  your email to me
Trillia Gia CavioushSunday, 11/7/10, 4:13 PM
~<3~ for we are ONE
From:Gahanna, Ohio
How did you find us?  David Kobza
Shirley GriffinSaturday, 11/6/10, 2:58 PM
Very interesting !
How did you find us?  friend
Grandmother Dawn SkyWeaverThursday, 11/4/10, 10:47 AM
From:Atlanta Ga
How did you find us?  11-11 event
Donna LeaMonday, 11/1/10, 7:32 AM
Lynn ChandlerTuesday, 10/26/10, 3:34 PM
Hello... I love your website.... I enjoyed reading the Traditional Navajo prayer and plan to use this in my daily meditation. Thank you for what all you offer. In a beauty way, Many blessings, Lynn
From:Toledo OH
How did you find us?  sent by a friend
Tamara EgglestonMonday, 10/25/10, 2:17 PM
How did you find us?  a friend
p. c. baconSaturday, 10/23/10, 9:37 PM
Web Site: pc bacon studios
How did you find us?  Spirit
Jo MangeotTuesday, 10/12/10, 10:11 AM
I have not taken the Munay Ki, but have been to another of Alberto's classes @ Shambhala in Colorado. Used to live in the Black Hills, then in mnts. out of Albq. & Santa Fe. Your web site is beautiful.
How did you find us?  You know Golden Eagle, who is a friend
YoshiFriday, 10/1/10, 7:00 PM
I would love to come.
From:New Jersey
How did you find us?  youtube
Mark HofstetterSunday, 9/5/10, 4:15 PM
I'm very excited about the Star Knowledge Conference! As an indigo, I am always looking forward to connecting with other Lightworkers, and most of my friends are Lightworkers now. Thankyou Mark
How did you find us?  email fwd from Judy and Peter Dix
RoseTuesday, 8/3/10, 3:38 PM
How did you find us?  Star Knowledge Conference Attendee forwarded this to me
John R. AckerFriday, 7/30/10, 7:36 AM
Thank you for providing a place for us to all come together and work in unison to bring the most beauty out of the happening 2012 changes.
From:Taos, NM
How did you find us?  attended the Farmington, NM gathering
Barbara SheridanThursday, 7/29/10, 1:25 PM
I felt such a connection to you while reading about you. I'm curious about the munay work you do. Are you the folks that live near Phoenix?
From:Flagstaff, Arizona
Web Site:
How did you find us?  Conference
Malkah HegelFriday, 7/2/10, 7:57 AM
Time for much and grateful to be called. Anyone going from Chicago? Anyone still have room to share a hotel room or camping?
Web Site: Aim for the Sun
How did you find us?  Called
Ryan DeRouenWednesday, 6/30/10, 9:13 PM
Thank you for sponsoring this Event and holding space for the Star Nations to Gather for the New Generation Wah We Nah
How did you find us?  Bear Cloud
Howard B. QuinnWednesday, 6/30/10, 6:59 PM
Peaceful beginnings Howard
How did you find us?  My new acquaintance;Connie
CristalinMonday, 6/28/10, 5:36 PM
Thank you for the invitation, I look forward to reuniting with my true family and sharing our talents and knowledge. We must bless and restore our sacred earth.
Web Site: UFO Network News
How did you find us?  email networking
TEDDESunday, 6/27/10, 3:23 PM
Web Site: NA
How did you find us?  STAR REUNION
RonSunday, 6/27/10, 10:26 AM
How did you find us?  a friend
Penny NegleyTuesday, 6/22/10, 11:46 AM
From:Montello, WI
Web Site: copperpenny
How did you find us?  friend
Meir GottliebFriday, 6/18/10, 5:49 PM
I just love New-Mexico!
How did you find us?  Via Aluna Joy's newsletter.
KarenFriday, 6/18/10, 5:24 PM
From:Longmont, Co
Web Site: Fortheloveofourhorses
How did you find us?  alunajoy
tommy thompsonWednesday, 6/16/10, 1:47 PM
From:farmington nm
How did you find us?  friend
Rose WoodMonday, 6/7/10, 1:53 PM
I'm very interested in your work. I've seen Dr. Villodo on video. I believe in your plan and desire to start your classes. Mahalo and Aloha, Rose Wood
From:Nevada City, California
How did you find us?  Star Family Reunion gathering
aʻiaʻiThursday, 6/3/10, 2:12 PM
Mahalo! Iʻll be in Farmington.
How did you find us?  Chief Golden Eagle
Jeramiah ManginiSunday, 2/14/10, 5:29 PM
Felt some knid of conection (Connies free sprit but not understanding where or what is was about)So I'm slowing getting to know her.It feels good
From:Apache Junction
How did you find us?  danced w/ Connie and friends
Rev. Sue HenleyWednesday, 11/25/09, 1:47 PM
From:Glendale, AZ
Web Site: Aura Images
How did you find us?  Ronald Kaczor
Yvonne MungiaFriday, 11/13/09, 9:07 AM
How did you find us?  Apachelake notification
eva caseTuesday, 11/10/09, 8:42 AM
From:gold canyon az
Grandmother SilverStarMonday, 9/21/09, 6:03 PM
O'siyo, Michael and Connie, Ga li e li ga. I am grateful Spirit put us together. Wa-do for helping us share the Star Knowledge Bundle (The MorningStar Teachings of Creator) with the Brothers and Sisters of the Four Winds. Love, SilverStar
From:The Heart of the Dove
How did you find us?  it was Creator's Divine plan, through the Star Elders, Our Ancestors, Elder Brothers and Sisters of the Star Nations. I'm happy. Ga li e li ga, I am grateful.
 Sunday, 7/26/09, 10:49 AM
gilbert marcus de la torreFriday, 7/10/09, 11:19 AM
How did you find us?  someone at theater
keith a whithamFriday, 6/19/09, 9:21 PM
During the time that I have been gifted the Munay-Ki rites by Connie and Mike, My life has indeed changed in many ways. I experienced my awakening before receiving the last spirit rite. It was the most awesome thing by far that I have ever been through or even dreamed of. I would like to thank Connie and Mike for their gifting me the rites, their wonderful energy, their understanding and most of all their love. This great experience has made me realise that love is indeed the most important thing in the universe. I also want to thank my ancestors, past and future, for their guidance. I will always stay in contact with Connie and Mike and hope to see much of them in the future. In Munay, Keith
From:apache junction
Web Site: keith a whitham
Terry NoremThursday, 6/4/09, 12:11 PM
Connie and Michael are two of the nicest people. They really care about what they are doing, unselfishly devoting their time to making the world a better place to live. Receiving the Munay-Ki rites is the gift they give. It is up to us to dream it into being. Thanks so much, i know Spirit will always be with you.
From:Apache Junction, AZt
How did you find us?  internet
 Tuesday, 4/14/09, 1:18 PM
CathyTuesday, 4/14/09, 6:40 AM
Hi Connie, I attended a drumming event with you in January.... it was a pleasant day and I think we all came away feeling like we'd made new friends. I've stayed in touch with Patricia Federico through her Madre Tierra site and am enjoying her Stress Relief Mist as I write. Wasn't that wonderful? Quynn's drumming was superb and Linda was an awesome hostess providing nourishing food for all her guests. I stayed around to attend a full moon ceremony in Sunny's labryinth and it was just beautiful. That said, I hope you are doing well and enjoying life's abundance. Take care and whenever I'm in AZ.... you can bet I'll be showing up at some of the same events you enjoy. Make this a happy day.... Cathy
From:Langhorne, PA
How did you find us?  I met Connie in Glendale AZ this January at the 1st full moon... enjoying a drumming event with Quynn Elizabeth, hosted by Linda Roettinger at Sunny's Sunlight Alliance
Red HeartSunday, 3/22/09, 2:44 PM
Hi Connie & Mike: It was a pleasure to meet and enjoy the sweat lodge ceremony with you. Love your cite. It's sort is long overdue. Best of luck in your endeavor. Let me know if I can ever play a part in it to, hopefully, lift someone's spirits. May the spirits guide and protect you, Red Heart
Web Site: None Yet. Hopefully, next year.
How did you find us?  met you yesterday
Red HeartSunday, 3/22/09, 2:40 PM
Web Site: None Yet
Email: redheart
Brenda MartinSunday, 1/25/09, 6:15 PM
Wow! It was so nice to read your information since I really don't know you well except that you are a wonderful dancer and a sweetheart!
From:North Pole, Ak.
Web Site: Brenda Martin
How did you find us?  Dan forwarded the flute invitation
Linda CurrySaturday, 1/17/09, 1:18 PM
Connie, Michael, beautiful website! I feel so fortunate to have experienced your good energy and blessings. You have opened my eyes to the spirit that is in me and in others. Thank you for all you do!
From:Mesa, AZ
Web Site: Alternative Money Strategies
How did you find us?  friend of Connie, Michael
VickiMonday, 1/12/09, 4:54 PM
Hi Connie and Michael, I am so happy to have meet such wonderful people who have opened up my eyes to my spiritual side. My continued friendship with them continues my growth in many facets of my life. They have become my family now and forever.
From:Gold Canyon,Az/Lake City,Mi
How did you find us?  distiny
 Monday, 11/17/08, 11:30 AM
Dan RatkowskiFriday, 10/31/08, 3:29 PM
I'm very thankful to have found Michael and Connie in this journey. I wish the wind at your back and all good things.Love always..Namaste.
From:Gold Canyon/Milwaukee
How did you find us?  Things happen for a reason..
Carmen CidTuesday, 7/22/08, 5:22 PM
It have been a pleasure to have meet you and spend time with you. Thank you for your gifts,Love & Light Carmen
Viviane ChauvetThursday, 5/1/08, 12:33 PM
Having Connie & Michael in my life is like thanking God everyday for the air I breath... precious! I am extremely blessed to call them my friends, and share with them spiritual experiences. There'll be many more on the way as we all grow & unfold beautifully day by day. Thank You!!!
From:Apache Jct (before Montreal)
Web Site: maybe one day
How did you find us?  The Force
DeeSaturday, 3/22/08, 8:17 PM
Your website is very nice and really neat to look at! My favorite of course "walk in Beauty" with the butterfly. Really nice guys! Love ya guys.
How did you find us?  Family
AnnaSaturday, 3/22/08, 8:13 PM
I checked out your website. It looks great! One day soon I plan to sign up for a spirit dance and a workshop. There was lots of good information on your site, I'm impressed. I can't wait to see you, and your light...and Michael too of course.
How did you find us?  Friend
Jen PascoeSaturday, 3/22/08, 1:08 AM
Your website was recently given to me by a friend. It is no wonder it came to me. My journey is on a beautiful and evolving path. I thirst for more. I have done trance dance and have dedicated my life to healing arts. I would love to learn more about your services and wonder where exactly you are located. I live in Idaho, but would be able to come to a workshop. I am very interested in what I have seen through your website. Be in Joy~ jen
From:Boise, Idaho
How did you find us?  from a friend
Kathy FowkesSaturday, 3/22/08, 1:03 AM
This website is EVERYTHING that is you. It's so beautiful, uplifting, and full of the light that is so much a part of you. Absolutely perfect. I'm so very happy for you!!!!! I just love seeing all the peaceful images, and that spirit dance image with the woman covered in butterflies is stunning. I'm so glad you were able to accomplish your goal so perfectly and meaningfully. The text, everything it says, the entire appearance of every page, it's just right. Just outstanding!
Veronica GoosenWednesday, 3/12/08, 6:12 AM
How did you find us?  google
VeraSaturday, 3/8/08, 4:51 PM
Hi just wanted to look at the flowers and butterfly Vera
From:ashlem said venus
Email: starlinepath
Barbara K.Sunday, 3/2/08, 3:18 AM
Hi Connie and Michael, Still have a few things to finish, but I wanted to say "Thank You" for allowing me to help create your new web presence. It was an honor and a joy! Wishing you infinite abundance, peace, and many happy surprises! Love and Blessings, Barbara
From:Chandler, AZ

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