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Munay-Ki "Rites of Initiation"

The Munay-Ki are the nine great rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power. The word munay means "Love" and Ki means "Power." The rites hold the promise of transforming human consciousness in a rapid and precise way by re-informing the luminous matrix that organizes our body, our emotions, and our interactions with each other and the planet.

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a
new human appearing on the who lives
free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent
nature. The Munay-Ki are the codes for the new
human. They are delivered in forms of energetic
transmissions (seeds). The ninth and final rite,
the "Creator Rite," was transmitted for the first
time in the summer of 2006 at the Holy Mountains
in the Andes.

These rites were first given to ancient teachers...
high Angelic Beings, and now
are passed on from teacher to student.
Munay-Ki are the nine gates that heal us and
transform our human energy field into that of
homo luminous (the light body).

When you come to the path of the Earth-Keeper with sincere intention and an open heart, you'll soon notice that you're not alone. You'll find yourself in the company of Earth-keepers, Star-keepers, and Creators who lived on this planet thousands of years ago, luminous beings who are now part of the great matrix of life. They will add their power and vision to yours. As you experience the Munay-Ki, you'll feel the presence and sense the wisdom of these luminous ones. These rites help us to develop a new architecture in our luminous energy field.

The nine Rites of Initiation are:
Artwork by Alex Grey

Many of you have received the Rites with Michael & I and experienced the
profound power that they can bring to your personal transformation.

Contact us to inquire about booking a Munay-Ki Workshop at your location (in or out of state)

  • 3 days – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Three (10 am - 6 pm) sessions
  • Receive the 9 Munay-Ki Rites
  • Includes personal healing work intertwined with teachings and hands-on practice of gifting the Rites
  • Friday & Saturday evening candle (or fire ceremony)
  • Minimum of 12 students required

After receiving, understanding and working with the Energies of the Rites – you may gift the Rites to others after completing the workshop.

It is not unusual to resonate with a particular Rite and its associated Archetype in our personal life and/or healing work. Due to our busy lifestyles and demands of the physical world, we may feel out of touch with the energetics of the Rites. Revisiting and receiving the Rites again can refresh and revitalize us physically and mentally, and strengthen our luminous energy body.

Foundation Rites
  • Healer
  • Bands of Power
  • Harmony
  • Seer
Lineage Rites
  • Day-Keeper
  • Wisdom-Keeper
  • Earth-Keeper
  • Star-Keeper
  • Creator/Spirit-Keeper
Michael, Connie and Alberto Villoldo
Connie and Alberto Villoldo
Michael, Connie and Dr. Alberto Villoldo
Connie and Dr. Alberto Villoldo
I (Connie) attended the Munay-Ki Course at Joshua Tree, California
where I learned the teachings of the Inca Elders who traveled from
Cusco and Machu Picchu in Peru to gift these rites.

For more information please email us, or call 480-288-1955.

Further Munay-Ki information can be found at the official
Munay-Ki website:
Contact us to schedule a free
"Introduction To The Rites of The Munay-Ki"
presentation at your location (Phoenix area only)
minimum of 12 people
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Read a Description of each Rite here
The Rites of the Munay-Ki assist us to walk through the world,
as instruments of peace and agents for change and transformation; to step into the fullness of our true nature by transforming our human energy field and re-informing our DNA.