Rev. Robert Copeland and Ashlem

Friday, February 22
7:00-8:30 pm (please arrive by 6:45 pm)
Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona
Driving directions provided upon registration
Donation: $10 Cash

Rev. Robert Copeland is a:

  • Teacher and Lecturer of Metaphysics
  • Trance channel for Ascended Tibetan Master "ASHLEM"
  • Gives Akashic Life Readings

Ashlem is an Ascended Tibetan Master who speaks through Robert on Metaphysical Teachings of Enlightenment and Inspiration.

Ashlem will be speaking on pre-determined subjects (Being Universal Love, Raising our vibrations, etc.).
This will not be an open question event.

To learn more about Rev. Robert Copeland and Ashlem, please visit his website:
January - Darrell Hicks, Healing Artist/Musician
February - Rev. Robert Copeland and Ashlem
March - Nikko Hansen, Buddhist Chanting
April -  Grandma Chandra
No Events Scheduled May - July
Aug. - Introduction to Rites of The Munay-Ki
Nov. - Native American Rattle-making Workshop
Come Walk In Beauty
Step into the True Essence of Your Being
Nikko Hansen has made the experience of TONE and the understanding of its gift a lifelong journey and quest.

As a Corporate Staff member of SAGE Seminars, he facilitated Transformational Technologies across the Southwest for over four years including Dream Walk, Magic Maker, and Master Quest. Nikko traveled for four years with Dr. David Hawkins, during his lecture series and was privileged to help demonstrate the high consciousness levels available in tone, through chanting at his lectures. He has participated in United Religion’s Initiative, an international United Nations of religions dedicated to ending religious violence. These events, his own seminar travels and presentations allowed him to visit, and enjoy the fellowship of many, many churches and groups. These ranged from Atlanta to San Francisco, from Toronto, Canada to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and as far away as Oxford, England.

Nikko is the founding member of the BlueDomers. More about this at the presentation. Nikko has been a practicing Buddhist for 25 years. He has also been a dedicated teacher and facilitator of A Course In Miracles for over 10 years. His deep desire is to save people time and speed them along the spiritual path.
TONE – The Magic Carpet to God
An Introduction to the Path of Tone and Buddhist Chanting

Sunday, March 2
2:00-4:00 pm OR 5:00-7:00 pm
(each session limited to 22 persons)
Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona
Driving directions provided upon registration
Donation: $10 Cash
A Kirlian imprint of Nikko’s aura
Unlearn and become as a child again
Tone is vibration
I use the vibration of my voice to experience the tone of God.
This is the path of tone
It is a path of experience, not thought
Unlearn and become as a child again
Darrell Hicks
Healing Artist / Musician / Spiritual Guide

Sunday, January 6
5:30-7:30 pm (please arrive by 5:15 pm)
Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona
Driving directions provided upon registration
Donation: $10 Cash

Experience the ancient healing power of breath and intention, bridging the heart and mind, creating a powerful space for inner healing for ourselves and the planet.

Start the New Year in a joyful and beautiful circle of sound healing and sacred vibrational entertainment! Toning, didging, devotional chanting with classical guitar, crystal bowling and harmonics! Closing with a group guided shamanic journey.

Darrell is well-known for his multilayered and innovative sound gatherings and individual sessions. He was recently the selected musician for the Andrew Harvey/Rabbi Rami
Shapiro's Tucson events.

Darrell also offers private sessions on The Sound Resonance Healing Platform (R).  For more information, please visit his website: http://www.darrellhicks.com/
Grandma Chandra

Sunday, April 13
3:30 - 5:30 pm (please arrive by 3:15 pm)
Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona
Driving directions provided upon registration
Donation: $21 Cash
Grandma Chandra or Grandma Screaming Eagle is a 25-year-old multiply handicapped young woman who has been a pure channel of the Light since the age of nine. Told by the medical profession that she was a "vegetable" who would die before the age of 5, her mother refused to believe it and went on a quest using only alternative medicines and therapies to help her.

Grandma who is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient reads peoples’ current energy fields. She sees their past lives, their future and their Soul’s Path. Grandma uses several Sacred Texts to identify these patterns.

She also knows which chakras are out of balance on the physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual planes and what is needed to correct them. Grandma
invented "tools" to assist humanity in the form of Essential Oils, CDs and
Charts. The oils are from the Sufi Masters of Afghanistan and have a very
high vibration.

The title "Grandma" was given to her by Standing Elk aka Golden Eagle who
recognized her gifts. It is an honorary one that Native Americans bestow on
people who possess knowledge regardless of their age. Grandma chose the name "Screaming Eagle" because she claims that when "the Eagle screams it tells the truth." The Eagle is the source of Illumination, Creation and Healing.

Grandma uses a communication board with her mother or her personal aides to "talk" with most people but is also highly telepathic. For those who are telepathic, she can transmit information directly to them. She also works with many people in the dream state helping them with their life’s purpose. Many people report that Grandma appears without any disability in the form of a beautiful young woman, a dolphin or a whale.

Grandma will present on the Master Numbers, their effects on our lives, how to locate your personal Master Numbers and how to use them to raise your Consciousness and that of the Planet to the next level of Ascension.

For more information on Grandma Chandra, please visit her website:

Introduction To The Rites of the Munay-Ki

Presented by Connie & Michael Gehl
Friday, August 29, 2008
7:00 - 9:00 pm (please arrive by 6:45 pm)
Location: Gold Canyon, AZ
Free Presentation

The Munay-Ki are the nine great Rites of Initiation to become a person of wisdom and power. The word Munay means "Love" and Ki means "Power." The Rites hold the promise of transforming human consciousness in a rapid and precise way by re-informing the luminous matrix that organizes our body, our emotions, and our interactions with each other and the planet. Through these Rites our bodies can be healed and our human energy field can be transformed into that of homo luminous (the light body).

The Rites are the codes for the new human. They are delivered in the form of energetic transmissions. The ninth and final Rite, the "Creator Rite," was transmitted for the first time in the summer of 2006 at the Holy Mountains in the Andes. My teacher, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., worked with the Inka elders to bring these Rites to the Americas for all to know.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki help us to walk through the world as instruments of peace and agents for change and transformation. They help us to step into the fullness of our true nature.

Connie attended the Munay-Ki Course at Joshua Tree, California (Feb. 2007), given by Alberto Villoldo, the Four Winds Society staff, and the Inka elders who traveled from Cusco and Machu Picchu in Peru. It is Connie & Michael's mission to share these teachings while assisting others in their journey to enlightenment. 
Native American Rattle-making Workshop
with Roanna Kagenveama
Saturday, November 8, 2008
1:00 - 5:00 pm (please arrive by 12:45 pm)
Location: Gold Canyon, AZ

Rattles are used in sacred ceremonies and to promote healing.
Materials will be provided. You may bring any special small stones or gems for decoration.
Roanna will lead a Rattle Soul Journey.
Cost: $20

Hopi Customs and Sand Wisdom Talk
with Roanna Kagenveama
Singing and Drumming Blessings
with Roanna Kagenveama and Sakina Blue-Star
Sunday, November 9th
1:00 to 4:00pm
Location: Gold Canyon, AZ

Roanna will talk about the Hopi Customs and Sand Wisdom. Singing and Drumming blessings will be given by Roanna and Sakina Blue-Star.
Suggested donation: $10
Roanna Kagenveama: Sand Clan
First Mesa: Sichomovi Village
Part of the Hopi nation: the oldest living culture in North America

  • Hopi artist
  • Carver of traditional Kachina dolls representing the Spirit Guardians of the Hopi people
  • Pottery-maker
  • Hopi Ceremonies
  • Workshops
  • Hopi Tour Guide

Roanna was raised in the traditional way of the Hopi ancestors, growing up in villages where the same families have lived for seven to eight hundred years. She has twice traveled to Japan to do workshops, teaching about Hopi customs. Has performed many ceremonies on top of the mesa where the oldest dwelling and old Kivas are. She is a Wisdom-Keeper.
Roanna's artwork (Kachina dolls and pottery) will be available for purchase.

Private channeled sessions with Sakina Blue-Star on Saturday or Sunday evening and all day Monday.
  • $100 - One hour recorded reading; includes a color portrait of your spirit guide.
  • $50 - 1/2 hour recorded reading; includes a sketched drawing of your spirit guide.
Sakina Blue-Star, Sedona, AZ
Roanna Kagenveama: Sand Clan
Sakina Blue-Star
Sedona, Arizona

Sakina is of Lakota (Sioux), Choctaw-Cherokee and Anglo heritage.
  • Spirit-speaker who channels messages of your past lives and present purpose. Includes Portrait of your Spirit Guide.
  • Has performed Blessing Ceremonies in Hawaii, Canada, Europe, pyramids in Egypt, Mayan Mexico, the great stone circle on the Avebury, England and Stonehenge
  • Speaker at Star Knowledge conferences of Chief Standing Elk / Golden Eagle.
  • Medicine Wheel ceremonies with Cherokee elder Thundercloud at the World Peace Prayer gathering in Amenia, NY, Cape Cod, Mass.
  • Yavapai Maiden's Dance, Narragansett Fish Dance; Magical Sedona legends and lore. Walk-ins, E.T.'s and UFOs' ancient Lemuria and Altantis.
  • Marriage Ceremonies
  • Author of "Little Dove"

For more information about Sakina Blue-Star:
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