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Native American Concert
"A Magical Evening of Music Under the Stars"
Scott August
Saturday, March 12, 2011
7:00 pm (please arrive by 6:30 pm)
Location: Gold Canyon, AZ
Donation: $15 (cash)

Join us for an intimate evening in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains with Scott August.
  • Native American Music Award winner
  • Acclaimed Composer, Producer, Keyboardist and Flute Player
  • Headline Performer: 2006 and 2007 Zion Canyon Flute Festival; 2008 and 2009 Yosemite Flute Festival

Seating is limited. Reserve your space now!

Contact Connie & Michael at cmgehl@msn.com

Driving directions will be provided following your RSVP.

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To learn more about Scott, visit his website:  www.cedarmesa.com
Spirituality Now! Workshop - With Uqualla

Date/Time: Saturday, Feb. 12th, 3:30 pm
Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona
Suggestion Donation: $11 (cash)

Cutting through to the essence of the many global modalities and teachings that are coming forth in these times. You gain tools to better understand and selectively use this knowledge without feeling overwhelmed.

Uqualla - Havasupai Elder is a Spiritual Emissary, Ceremonialist, Universal Wisdomkeeper who is born of the Havasupai Tribe that live within the Grand Canyon. He is an international presenter and is being guided by Spirit to now Spirit Speak to the world. Living Ceremony is the culmination of My Life Dream Visioning. Your Life is Ceremony, Live in it with Confidence. Welcome my Fellow Spirit Walkers! I invite you to Inspire, and Rejuvenate your Life's Journey.  IN SPIRITS EMBRACE! UQUALLA

For more information about Uqualla - see website: www.uqualla.com
"The Native American Ascension Path"
(Of Star Beings and Angels)

Sunday, April 10, 2011
2:00 pm (please arrive by 1:45 pm)
Location: Gold Canyon, AZ
Donation: $11 (cash)

Workshop includes teachings on who the star beings and angels are and why they are here. Following the teachings, we will form a feather circle to meditate and share. An ascension tool will be made to assist in connecting with these Higher Beings. Music, movement, and meditation will be utilized to facilitate this connection by raising your vibratory frequency.

Please bring a feather, small blanket, drum or rattle for group time.

A Message from Itasha:

    Itasha's teachers have been many. The journey long and beautiful. In few words how does one describe? I will try. My name is Itasha. Born clairvoyant, telepathic, high empathic.  No veil was present-knowledge of past existence was present. Direct contact with Creator provided teaching from Star Beings and Angels from day one. My Earth teachers have been Lakota Medicine Men Martin High Bear, Frank Fools Crow and Devere Eastman {Brave Buffalo} of Eagle Butte, South Dakota. They made and presented me my pipe. I have completed my four year SunDance and am a Sacred Pipe Holder.
    I spent 26 years in sacred spaces. Often for years at a time, isolated from mainstream society, while being taught by the Medicine, Holy people. These places were: Mt Shasta {in and on it}, the Klamath -Modoc , Lakota Bear Butte and Eagle Butte, the Blackfoot, Hopi, Navajo, and ten years the White Mountain Apache. My academic background is as a teacher. I am trained in Spanish, World Civilization, History and Anthropology. I have a B.A. and will receive a Masters in Ed leadership this summer. My degrees and certification are: A.S.U., Purdue and N.A U. I have taught on the reservation.
    Three years ago, it was explained to me by the Holy people that I was to come to the city to help teach and prepare people for this Spiritual special time. I was chosen by the Elders and Medicine People in 1980-81 at their gathering in Arizona, as a Wisdom Keeper, to represent the Spiritual Ones. It was a seven day test and ceremony, where we were intensely scrutinized. For one year I traveled representing them. Some of these Elders were Hopi, Navajo, Lakota,  Huichol, Taramahara, Pima and Apache. Present were Medicine People of other Nations. I am also an Azteca Dancer. I have performed on the Pima Reservation. I am a writer and Poet with Native Images, in the past, Presentations have been done across Arizona with A.S.U. English Dept under Dr.Lynne Nelson, in prior times. This is a special time of Great Peace and Love coming out. The Wisdom teachings are being brought to many so they may awaken and gain understanding and Love. Ultimately it can only be done through the Creator and Divine LOVE
Great Peace and Great Love to you,

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Softening Judgment Workshop
by John (from Belize)

Location: Gold Canyon, AZ
Date: Sunday, April 17 @ 2:00 to 5/6:00 pm
Suggestion Donation $11 (cash)

Many people are feeling the effects of the recent Global and Universal changes. In the workshop we will explore the changes. This is a self help intuitive exchange with guidance from our Masters.

Other Things the Workshop will explore:
  • Awareness
  • Understanding Balance
  • Consistency
  • Emotional and Energetic cycles
  • Pole shifting
  • Setting boundaries for success in this world
  • Manifesting Change for the future
  • How to decrease drama
  • Dealing with the Heart

There will be time for questions and answers, channeled by John

After the workshop each attendee will receive by email a Softening Judgment Workbook created by John & other Light Beings

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"Reyon & Puddah Speak" Classes & Events
April 29 - 30 - May 1

Grandma Chandra & Laurie Reyon Anderson together in Arizona

Contact Connie & Michael at cmgehl@msn.com or 480-288-1955
to reserve your space for both events

Fri, April 29th 7:30 - 9:30 pm:                              
Laurie Reyon & Puddah will present a talk and our Original new Film, entitled "MESSAGES OF THE WHALES & DOLPHINS" for Humanity! Come and experience the healing energies and wisdom of the Whales & Dolphins with Animal Communicator and spiritual teacher, Reyon and the Master Cat "Puddah." Reyon has spent 16 years exploring communication with animals, dolphins and whales. The film contains messages from the Group Consciousness of the Great Whales & Dolphins who are stewards for Humanity and has beautiful footage of the cetaceans around the world. Come and hear the cetacean messages for humanity, regarding healing and our life purpose here on beautiful planet Earth. Experience healing with the Cetaceans who came to Earth prior to human colonization to prepare the healing frequencies and patterns we will share. During our talk we will present the current information the dolphins are sharing on how to re-strand and weave your DNA and we are open for your questions!           

Love Donation is $15.00 (cash only please)

Sat, April 30th 2:00-6:00 pm:
HEALING WITH THE WHALES & DOLPHINS with Reyon & Puddah Cat & Grandma Chandra!

Together joined in love, Reyon & Grandma Chandra will come together to offer a very unique and powerful self empowerment and healing workshop, accessing the wisdom of the Great Whales & Dolphins. This event will greatly assist those that intend to receive deep healing and clearing in their personal lives. The whales are the ancients and the elders of our planet and will come to us when summoned to assist you!

As Whale Communicators, Grandma Chandra, Laurie Reyon and Puddah will assist you to access the energy and Living Light Fields or Merkaba of the Whales. The Whale energy and wisdom will combine with your Higher Self and will spin out lower and dissonant energies from your physical, mental and etheric bodies. Toxins, negativity and old memories embedded in your DNA are removed that block you from living daily in Joy, Happiness, Success, Love, and Self-Empowerment!

For more information about the speakers - see: www.lauriereyon.com and www.grandmachandra.com

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"What If…" By Dee Je
"A Message of Intuition" By Michael Gehl

Date / Time: Sunday, June 12th,1 pm - 5 pm
Location: Gold Canyon, AZ - Donation: $15.00 (cash)

"What if…" Challenge What and Who You Choose to Be
What if the opposite of what we believe is true? Could the answers to our deepest questions be what we will not allow? What really makes you, you. Are we really connected and to what exactly? The information offered is received from Dee Je's connection to her origins, to all of you and that which resides within. Understand the science behind who and what you are.

"Message of Intuition" - Increase Your Intuitive Skills
During his talk, Michael will share what he has found that makes intuition work, including how to sort out what you "know", what you think, and what happens when your intuition is not as expected.  

Join us for a 3-part seminar through the Inner Workings of the Body and Mind, our Past and Future, to Understand and Discover your own Truth.

About the Speakers:
Dee Je works with the Science and Movement of the Body & Mind using various modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Thai, Lymphatic and Fluid Systems, integrating Cranial Therapy and Polarity
Michael Gehl - After completing the four thirteen-year cycles of the Medicine Wheel of Life, Michael began to notice changes were taking place in the way he saw himself and the world he lived in. An understanding of the interconnectedness of all things was beginning to unfold within his consciousness. Clues to The Great Mystery that had been out of focus, but still within plain sight, started to become clear. Now Michael has been called to share this knowledge that dwells not only within himself but in everyone - "The Message of Intuition."  www.comewalkinbeauty.com

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Free Spirit - Healer of Humanity
Presents a Meditation and a Talk
"DNA Healing, Ascension and Immortality"

Date: Saturday 18th June 2011
Suggested Donation: $15 - $20
Location: Connie & Michael's home, Gold Canyon, AZ

Free Spirit, author of 2012-Meeting the Star Beings, has been journeying around the world opening the hearts of people through meditation and talking about the love of the Star Beings who come to assist humanity at this time.. He teaches people how to raise their vibration through bodily detoxification and the transmutation of fear into love, as well as teaching ways of opening up an awareness of other planes of consciousness where we can make the loving contact with benevolent intelligences.

He will be visiting Mesa in Arizona to lead a meditation as well as to give an enlightening and heart opening lecture entitled "DNA healing, Ascension and Immortality"

Multi-dimensional immortal beings of love channel through Free Spirit, and he will share some insights into the nature of the Star Beings, and how 2012 offers the opportunity of a dimensional shift in consciousness because of the Galactic Alignment. Free Spirit will explain how this dimensional shift will ultimately heal our DNA, awaken dormant memories of lifetimes in other Star Systems as well as changing the vibration of the matter in our bodies to enable human ascension and the possibility of immortality. Humanity stands on the verge of a quantum leap in consciousness and Free Spirit will share some of the wonders that await humanity as we approach 2012.

For more info about the work of Free Spirit visit www.awakening2012.co.uk
He can also be friended on Facebook where he blogs and posts videos regularly.

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Star Knowledge Gathering
Collinsville, IL
Nov. 10 - 13, 2011

Due to the large volume of information that was posted for this event,
all information may still be viewed by clicking here

Speaker's Bios may be downloaded by clicking here

For 11:11:11 Presentation DVDs, please contact:
Chief Golden Light Eagle

To order Star Knowledge Books, please visit:
or email 
Grandmother SilverStar

Spirituality Now! with Uqualla
Scott August Concert
The Native American Ascension Path with Itasha
Softening Judgement with John from Belize
Grandma Chandra & Reyon and Puddah
What If with Dee Je & A Message of Intuition by Michael Gehl
DNA Healing, Ascension & Immortality with Free Spirit
11:11:11 Cahokia Star Knowledge Gathering