Connie Larue
Come Walk In Beauty
Step into the True Essence of Your Being
Connie works with others to assist with awakening their Personal Healing Vibration; to step into their Truth and Power. Connie teaches other to create new Dances and Songs in the Heart; to view the world through the eyes of the Innocent Child; to tune our Ears to new messages, to touch the Heart with Magic and Sweetness. She has the gift of seeing deeply into a person’s heart, seeing the beautiful Being of Light we all are.
Life is a magical Journey for Connie. She continues to be delightfully surprised at the beautiful way life is co-created and the how dreams come into physical form. As Connie travels through each year of life more unfolds as she steps fully into her truth, embracing her Gifts of who she is and is becoming. She realizes the Power to create Light (Greatness) with each of her Thoughts, Words, Actions, Touch, and Footsteps upon the earth.
Connie holds the Vision that within each of us is a seed of remembrance of our Divine Nature and Higher Purpose. Connie walks her journey with great appreciation for all and is grateful for many who holds her hand and Heart and joins her for a moment, day, year….

I was born in the hills of Kentucky. Being one of nine children, my upbringing was very sheltered, with little exposure to the outside world. At the age of 16, I was taken out of school in order to help care for my brothers & sisters. Later, I pursued computer technical training which prepared me for my journey into the corporate world. When I first entered the working environment, I was quite innocent in the knowledge of the emphasis our culture placed on the need for a formal education (a 4-year degree). Such limitations were nonexistent in my belief system, and I promptly proceeded with the belief and expectation that all doors are open to everyone. What was...and still is...important to me is the desire to learn, to be a team player, and to hold the vision and intent for the highest good of all people and all things.

During the span of 20 working years, I held many positions at Motorola, including Manager, Project Manager, Computer Programmer, Software Analysis, new Software Development, Development of Financial Structures, and Procedural Development and Instructor. These years were of great importance for my development as a person. I am forever grateful and have a deep appreciation for all who assisted, empowered, and promoted my self-confidence. They affirmed and confirmed my belief that all things are not only possible, but achievable. I was always amazed at what I accomplished. I was valued for the simplicity I brought to all situations. In my heart I hold these beautiful people who loved and encouraged me, and lifted me to new levels of awareness of my abilities.

In 2003 I left the corporate world to start new adventures of the heart. It is now time to honor the gifts I have been given and to share them with others.
In February 2007, I attended the Munay-Ki course in Joshua Tree, Ca. given by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. I was invited to attend the course with a friend; however, I was not familiar with Alberto’s work. During the class, as the rites were shown, I began to cry. I was deeply touched because I realized that in the late 80’s Angels had given these rites to me in the dream state. I would awake wondering what they were doing. With Angels surrounding me, I could see beautiful colors and energy coming out from my body. At the time I was not familiar with the words of energy field and chakras. It was not unusual for Angels to work with me. They had been doing so in the dream state since I was a small child. As a child I had the ability to see deeply into a person’s heart. I could see the beautiful beings that we all are. As an adult I continued to be aware of people’s need for love. Even in the corporate world, my first priority was to be aware of co-workers needs, sending them love and healing. For many years I did not fully understand the meaning of all the messages. In 2007 the many teachings from Beings of Light and Angels became clear.

My heart has a deep love for the Munay-Ki “Rites of Initiation,” and an appreciation for the Inca’s, the caretakers of these beautiful rites, and for their freely returning them to mankind for all to know. I thank all my friends who have walked with me, held my hand and heart. I thank all Light beings (Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Jesus, My Master Teachers, the Great White Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Light, and others) who have always been at my side, loved me, and assisted in this wonderful journey to enlightenment. I am especially grateful to and for my husband, Michael, and Little Bear (my dear Angel). Thank you for your love and support.
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Michael Gehl
Michael grew up in a small Mid-Western farm town, so at a young age he was compatible with nature, but it was not until the last decade when the Call to Awaken was heard. A series of powerful events sent him on a new path of discovery. He began working with the Munay-Ki - Rites of Initiation and became a facilitator for these workshops. Through meditations under dark desert night skies Michael has learned of a method of extracting thought forms from the pool of potentiality, a very powerful source of spiritual information. Most recently, he has become a lecturer at local gatherings and conferences.