Knowing Connie and Michael is a blessing in our lives. They are two genuinely loving people who are in touch with their true nature and radiate that essence to all they meet. Alberto Villoldo is fortunate to have Connie and Michael offering the Munay-Ki Rites. There are many people who will solely gift you the Rites. Connie and Michael, however, are committed to preserving the integrity and sacredness the Peruvian elders have held for centuries. To this end, they have prepared a program that enables you to come away with an understanding and deep seated connection to the love, wisdom, and power that lies within the seeds of the Munay-Ki Rites.... just waiting to be claimed and expressed by each of us. If you want to receive the Rites in a sacred environment in which you can feel the presence and joy of the ancient wisdom keepers, then you'll want to sign up with Connie and Michael.

Sharandee & John Kunze
Chandler, AZ

Connie and Michael are 2 of the most wonderful people I know. They have opened their home and hearts to share the Munay-Ki with people of all walks of life and people of all levels of understanding. I have learned that I am not alone, but protected by spirits of those who have passed before me and also by guides, angels and luminous light beings. The Munay-ki classes brought such peace and understanding that I was sorry for them to end.

Kathy Morey
Wellness For Life
Mesa, AZ

Michael and Connie are two gentle, loving and strong souls whose radiance shines through.I was honored to receive the Munay-Ki rites from them. The rites are a grace and connection for my life. They have anchored me to everything that has sacred meaning for me. This world feels and is always Heaven on Earth now. If you have a spirit that sings with mythology and rich symbolism the Munay-Ki rites are probably just what you are looking for.

Vera Suppo
Mesa, AZ

I could go on and on about the wonderfulness that Connie and Michael have brought into my life.  I first experienced a Spirit Dance with Connie and once again found my beat and enjoyment of spiritual movement!  I didnt realize how feeling and moving could be healing!
I then was honored to be in thier first Munay-Ki workshop.  The spirit and vibration in thier home and the beautiful setting it is in set us all up perfectly to heal, grow and recieve the precious rites that they so freely shared with each of us.  Those in my class will forever share a place in my heart and my memories of watching each of us grow beyond what we dreamed is priceless.  Connie and Michael give much more spiritually to their students and guests than one realizes upon attending!
I love the monthly gatherings as well.  Always enlightening and loving for each us there.
With gratitude for the gifts I have recieved,
In Munay,
Julianne Orren
Gilbert, AZ